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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Women in STEM

Just 17% of workers in tech are female. That's a balance that needs redressing. As a company at the heart of the internet, we're proud to buck the trend with our 50/50 gender-split board, yet we know that that's not the case across the industry.

Through our work with 60,000 young people across 50 schools, we're working to encourage more women and girls into STEM careers, to bridge the gap from a grass roots level.

We are also working to provide a family-friendly workspace - with a significantly enhanced maternity package, onsite creche and freedom to bring children to work - to ensure that being a parent is not a barrier to having a career in technology.

Alongside mentoring, networking and dedicated events, we are always learning how to redress this balance at UKFast and across the industry.

Gender Pay Gap

As you may have read, this year it became law for companies to publish data on their gender pay gap. We're incredibly proud that our mean pay gap sits at just 0.9% and our median pay gap sits at 3%. However these figures don't go far enough. At UKFast we are committed to ensuring fair pay across the business. If you are doing the same job, delivering the same outcomes, your wage is the same - regardless of who you are. That's simply how it should be.