Your Guide to the HSCN

The public sector is transitioning into a new digital era with the adoption of digital technologies to update outmoded systems and improve services. The HSCN replaces the N3 network as a new private network for the NHS, health and social care organisations and wider healthcare services to provide a reliable, efficient and flexible way to allow users to access, exchange and share electronic information while aiding collaboration. If your organisation is processing patient records or sharing information about patients or care services then the HSCN provide new efficiencies to improve collaboration and communication. 

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What is the HSCN?

The HSCN replaces the outdated N3 network and enables health and social care organisations to share information with greater reliability, flexibility and efficiency, optimising user experience and putting patient care at the forefront.

Does your organisation need the HSCN?

The HSCN brings a new era of data-driven connectivity and patient care, helping health and social care organisations process patient records or sharing information about patients.

How to connect into the HSCN

The current 13,500 connections made from the N3 to the HSCN are already seeing the huge advantages. Discover how your organisation can connect into the HSCN and reap in the rewards of the new system.

Security and the HSCN

Your patients, service users and employees have a right to expect their data to be properly secured at all times. Learn all about security, the HSCN and what to look for in a hosting provider when transitioning to the HSCN network. .

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Organisations have a choice of suppliers from a dynamic marketplace to support the digital transformation of trusts in the health and social care sector. As a result, your consumer costs are reduced. 

How can your public organisation connect into the HSCN and begin to reap its rewards?

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