What can I expect from Magento 2?

When Magento split from eBay in November 2015, and just a few weeks later announced the second instalment of its platform for general release, it marked a new era of innovation for eCommerce. Technology and shopping habits have evolved massively since Magneto 1 (M1) hit the eCommerce sphere in 2008. The dependence upon smart-devices is just one significant advancement, alongside the development of the Internet of Things and everyday use of machine learning. What should you expect from the revamped platform, how can you prepare for the switch and how will it affect your hosting requirements?

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What are the key features of M2?

How do the features and functionality of M1 compare to M2? We examine the changes in M2 including performance and hosting, customisation and development capabilities. 

What are the advantages of M2 for site owners?

How are training resources and improved security incorporated into M2? Discover the impact of improvements to performance, admin, upgrade, customisation and changes to licensing.

How can you prepare for M2?

There is no quick and easy solution to making the switch from M1 to M2. How can you make the transition as smooth as possible? To minimise disruption, check out our handy tips for a hassle-free changeover.

How will hosting requirements change with M2?

UKFast takes a look at how you can work closely with your hosting provider to ensure you have the right level of support required by the updated platform. What is the ideal M2 solution?

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The changing expectations of both merchants and customers resulted in issues for M1, so what can M2 bring to your eCommerce business? When is the end-of-life date for M1 and when is the right time to move to M2?

We discuss how long to wait before switching and how it changes your business requirements. Download our ‘What can I expect from Magento 2?’ whitepaper now to discover the key changes introduced by Magento 2 (M2), the pain points of M1 and how the latest instalment provides a greener, more streamlined service.