The G-Cloud Toolkit

Why is cloud becoming so popular in public sector organisations? G-Cloud is a government initiative which came into force in 2012, designed to make it easier for government departments and public sector organisations to access cloud services. The online database of cloud vendors cleared to provide their services to such organisations means IT teams can browse potential suppliers. Conventional servers emit 46kg of CO2 waste per year, compared to 2kg from UKFast’s virtual servers, and aside from the environmental impact, the cloud offers numerous opportunities to public sector organisations. However, choosing a hosting provider most suitable to your organisation can be difficult, time-consuming and overwhelming. Download the whitepaper now to find out how to choose the right hosting provider for your organisation.

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Is the future multicloud?

In 2018, splitting cloud applications across multiple vendors grew in popularity. So what are the advantages of multicloud? Discover why organisations are moving towards this trend.

How is cloud flexible and cost effective?

Discover which cloud solution is best for your business, and whether to choose the cost optimisation and flexibility of public cloud, or the transparency and predictability of private cloud.

Why is speed important?

Businesses and consumers alike have a need for speed, now more than ever, and cloud technology is fuelling this drive. Learn how cloud is becoming a powerful business enabler.

How crucial is security?

With cloud security one of the top challenges facing businesses today, UKFast explores the myths behind protecting your data in the cloud and why cloud security is often neglected. Discover how you can protect your business in a secure cloud environment.

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    In our new G-Cloud Toolkit, we guide you through public sector cloud procurement from deciding on the right flavour of cloud, right through to how to most effectively use G-Cloud to find a cloud solution which best fits your business model and objectives.

    Download the whitepaper now to access your comprehensive database of cloud providers and find your ideal cloud partner.