The Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

With the government’s Cloud First strategy, public sector organisations are transitioning into a new digital era. This introduces a range of fresh challenges and rewards to reap across the sector. According to global IT services provider Fujutsu, 67% of UK citizens desire faster and simpler services, driving them to use the digital option when it is available. The digital transformation of the UK’s public sector is inspiring the increased adoption of digital strategies to improve and support collaboration between citizens and various arms of the public sector.  Taking steps towards greater efficiency is crucial to meeting the growing expectations of a community that is becoming accustomed to the availability of digital services.

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What is digital transformation in the public sector?

Digitally transforming your public sector organisation gives citizens access to services without barriers or friction. It can also make their digital journeys quicker, simpler and more personal.

The advantages of digital transformation

Digital technologies help 84% of public sector employees communicate with citizens. Discover the significant role digital technologies play in helping organisations to mature and achieve their strategic goals.

Why is there a need for digital transformation in the UK?

Learn about the GDS and Digital Economy Act and how they shape your business objectives.

What should you be doing now?

Discover the five elements of digital transformation and how to create a clear and comprehensive digital transformation strategy.

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Transforming your public sector organisation begins with a clear and comprehensive digital strategy linked to your organisation’s objectives. 

 Have you begun your public sector organisations’ digital transformation? What should you be doing now to transport your services into the new digital era? Download the whitepaper now to get expert industry guidance on how to supercharge your public sector organisation to the next level of digital innovation and success.