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Cloud is taking the business world by storm and is significantly transforming the ways in which businesses operate. Those who fail to adapt are quickly being left behind, with a 75% increase in cloud uptake between 2010 and 2015, and it’s only set to rise. What cloud technologies are currently dominating the marketplace? What cloud technologies are emerging and are set to impact business IT now and in future. Our ‘Cloud Forecast’ whitepaper highlights six key trends to look out for over the next five years, so that your business can get ahead of the competition and take your organisation to new heights with the cloud.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and flexible working environments

What is driving the demand for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies in the workplace? When should you switch from traditional in-house PCs to BYOD? Discover how VDIs and DaaS are fulfilling the call for flexible work environments.

Will outsourcing overtake in-house solutions?

With legacy and on-premise IT infrastructures nearing end-of-life, UKFast explores why more and more businesses are adopting cloud, as outsourced services are becoming the norm and in-house solutions decreasing.

Will big data expertise increase for small businesses?

How is the cloud allowing SMEs access to big data only accessible to large enterprises? What is the commoditisation of big data? Read UKFast’s prediction on the significant increase in big data service providers offering cloud-based compute and analytics solutions.

How is pressure from consumers empowering IT personnel and data protection?

Data privacy guarantees are becoming integral to purchasing decisions, and as the cloud industry changes to adapt, how is the role of CIOs changing?

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As the cloud industry’s competitive landscape changes, cloud is becoming crucial to the operations and success of business IT.

From the representation of IT personnel at the board room table, to the importance of data protection in the cloud, to the departure from hardware-defined infrastructures, download the whitepaper now to explore a comprehensive forecast of cloud predictions and trends this year, and into the future.