Security Landscape 2019

Cybercrime is the fastest growing crime on the planet and poses one of the biggest threats to businesses. Yet many businesses of all sizes, sectors and industries fail to implement the correct security measures for their organisation and risk their business falling in the hands of hackers. This is a big risk to take! From the significant rise in phishing attacks and the targeting of your employees, to the vast adoption of AI and sheer number of IoT devices, the implementation of the GDPR, spyware, malware and weak links in your supply chains to name but a few; overlooking security is no longer an option. UKFast security experts have teamed up with cybersecurity specialists and partner organisation, Secarma, to provide you with a FREE whitepaper to discuss the latest security threat landscape in 2019 and beyond, and how you can protect your business against the ever-changing threats.

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What does the current security landscape look like?

As technology grows in sophistication and complexity, so do cybercriminals. The cyber-threat landscape in 2019 is evolving fast. It's crucial now more than ever to keep up with the latest security threats and vulnerabilities to your business and know how to protect your organisation against them.

GDPR, Phishing, AI & IoT

With the implementation of the GDPR, phishing accounting for 80% of cyber-attacks, and the growth of AI and IoT devices, it has never been more important to understand the various types of threats and what you should be doing right now to secure your organisation against them.

Third-party threats, DDoS attacks and cloud security

How secure is your supply chain? Have you ever checked the security of the third parties you work with? Do you have sufficient DDoS protection in place? How do you stay safe in the cloud? Discover why 56% of organisations have suffered a cyber breach due to a third party, why you can't afford to be kicked offline due to a DDoS attack and the malicous security threats to your cloud.

How can you protect against the biggest threat to your business?

Discover how attack is the best form of defence and how to find solutions to your security problems. Download the whitepaper now to mitigate the increasing threat landscape and start protecting your business today.

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How can you protect against the biggest threats to your business? What are the most prevalent threats to your business right now?

It's crucial now more than ever that you’re up to date with the latest threats to your business and how to protect against them from every angle.

Download the whitepaper now to discover why your business can't afford to ignore the malicious cyber-theat landscape.