Remote Working: Evolve Your Business

Remote working is one of the biggest modern shifts in business culture, and organisations across sectors are embracing the concept of an unconventional nine-to-five to reap rewards for their business, their employees and their IT department. In fact, 50% of the UK’s workforce will work remotely by 2020. Can you afford to be left behind as the office concept transforms and revolutionises in line with the demands of modern life and a developing tech landscape? Aside from the positive environmental impact, remote working has cost saving advantages and 70% of British office workers say they feel more productive away from the office. This whitepaper explores why the world’s workforce is migrating towards a flexible working strategy, and what advantages remote working offers your business.

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What is remote working and Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

Go back to basics and learn the fundamentals of remote working and what it means for the modern business. We break down what exactly DaaS is and why it is being adopted across office environments.

The way we work is changing

Internet connectivity has offered a world beyond imagination. With the ability to communicate instantly and the development of DaaS, learn why remote working is becoming an expectation amongst a generation of employees.

How can remote working evolve and accelerate your business?

Get to grips on the advantages of working remotely for both the employer and the employee, and learn how to transform your business operations by offering your workforce a flexible nine-to-five.

How businesses are embracing remote working

How are organisations, no matter what size or sector, implementing remote working strategies and getting the most out of the rewards it offers? Explore how a flexible office environment is working across sectors.

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Could your business see results soar, productivity increase and communication improve by working remotely?

Get up to speed on the working phenomenon, and discover the expert tips on integrating flexible working into your business operations.

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