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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Public Sector and Cloud Security - The Five Fears

<p>Cloud computing is changing the way public sector organisations operate by enhancing collaboration through agility, flexibility, affordability and scalability. Since 2010, UK cloud adoption has increased by 82%, and many public sector businesses are already reaping the rewards of cloud technology’s efficient services. However, there are also concerns surrounding the adoption of cloud services by public sector organisations. With 88% of organisations storing sensitive information in the cloud, including customer, employee, financial and business data, it’s important to understand cloud security. This whitepaper examines the top cloud security concerns for the public sector, and provides guidance on security best practices as well as recommended goals by the National Cyber Security Centre. Are these fears justified, or can they be mitigated? We delve into the cloud security myths that are preventing some organisations from adopting the cloud and reaping its rewards.</p>

Topics covered in this whitepaper:

Cloud technology is changing the way public sector organisations operate by delivering services efficiently and saving cost. Concerns within the public sector preventing organisations from modernising and adopting cloud services include the lack of interconnectivity between isolated storage structures, the prevalence of legacy hardware and cybersecurity threats.

Public Sector and Cloud Security - The Five Fears Cover

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