Privacy Shield: The New Data Transfer Agreement

Safe Harbour, the data protection principle set up to allow unhindered data transfer between the European Union (EU) and the United States (US), was ruled invalid in October 2015. In February 2016, Privacy Shield was announced as its replacement, implemented to offer clarity and security for businesses worried about data transfers between the European Economic Area (EEA) and the US. But there’s still confusion and ambiguity as to what Privacy Shield entails. Does Privacy Shield solve the problems highlighted by Safe Harbour’s invalidation? Can businesses trust Privacy Shield to guarantee the safety of their data overseas – or does the uncertainty and ambiguity that Safe Harbour was initially criticised for still persist? Download our whitepaper for insight into how the new agreement and upcoming EU regulations impact upon your business.

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What is Privacy Shield?

Privacy Shield is an agreement for the secure transfer of data between the EU and US. Discover when and how the new principle will be implemented and what the new agreement means for your business.

How will Privacy Shield affect the EU and US?

A big concern for EU citizens is the supposed ‘bulk’ collection of EU data by US State Surveillance. Will the principle introduce limitations on US surveillance of EU data? Will the bulk collection of data be avoided? Find out in which circumstances this will be the case and what this means for you.

How will the GDPR impact IT security?

How will the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impact the security of your business’ data? UKFast breaks down some key definitions, explores the right to be forgotten and discusses the impending impact of the GDPR and the UK’s possible exit from the EU.

What should your business be doing now?

What are the consequences for data stored in non-compliant locations? Discover how your business data will be impacted by Privacy Shield and other regulatory developments on the horizon.

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Getting to grips with the laws and regulations that affect your business doesn’t have to be difficult. 
We’ve put together this whitepaper to break the EU-US/Swiss-US agreement down, so you can understand and discover how it may affect your business. 

Discover how your business data will be impacted by Privacy Shield and other regulatory developments on the horizon. Download the whitepaper now.

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