Phishing: How to protect your business

Today 90% of all data breaches starts with phishing, making it the most serious cyber-threat to your organisation. Social engineering attacks can be extremely simple, but exceedingly convincing. From fraudulent emails phishing for sensitive information, to sophisticated social media attacks extorting money from victims, there is no escaping the threat and commonality of phishing. So how can your business protect itself from online hackers?

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What is phishing?

Learn the typical warning signs of a phishing email and how the threat of social engineering attacks is on the rise.

Types of phishing attacks

Get the essential information on six popular phishing techniques and what to look out for.

The importance of employee training

Explore some crucial, simple measures to implement to reduce the risk of exposed sensitive information.

Phishing as a Service

Discover how Phishing as a Service from UKFast enables continuous assessment and training to combat phishing susceptibility.

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Thinking of your employees as a human firewall is the first crucial step to combat phishing attempts, but 97% of people are unable to detect a sophisticated phishing attack.

Implementing effective training across your workforce will educate employees about the warning signs of phishing attacks and inform them of the appropriate actions to take if they fall victim.

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