Penetration Testing

With cybersecurity firmly on the agenda, businesses are becoming increasingly aware of their organisation's exposure to hackers and the cyber-threats that face their business.  Ultimately, more has to be done to ensure that customer, employee and third-party data remains safe. Penetration testing has become an essential tool used to expose weaknesses before hackers do. Also known as ethical hacking, it ensures that your business remains safe behind security that works. Download the whitepaper now to discover how penetration testing can help you to protect your business.

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What is penetration testing?

Understand what penetration testing is and how it helps businesses to secure their critical data and assets.


Having a sense of the level of risk and the consequences of a breach is a good place to start. We’ve pulled together the data so you can learn how other businesses have been affected by hackers so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

The penetration test process

We take you through the full process of what’s involved in a penetration test, from initial consultation to reconnaissance to aftercare. What do you want to achieve with your penetration test and what are your key priorities? 

The consequences of a breach

What are the ramifications of a breach to a business? How can the reputational damage and potential financial implications impact on you and how can you mitigate these risks?

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Falling victim to a cyber-attack or breach can harm your business in more ways than hefty fines. Reputational damage and the cost of repair are two huge blows to your organisation, and the biggest threat to your security is your employees – the human firewall. Testing and training your staff on the dangers of the threat landscape is essential to remaining as secure as possible.

Download the whitepaper now to discover the uses and advantages of penetration testing, and how it could ultimately save your business from irreparable damage.