NPS: Not Just a Number

Understanding your customers’ perception of your business is an essential part of improving and growing your organisation. 82% of customers have left a company because of a bad experience, so it’s vital your business gains insight into the mood of your customer base and makes improvements accordingly. However, most metrics come with their own set of shortcomings. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is fast becoming the most popular way of measuring customer satisfaction. The single question survey is reliable, easy to implement and simple for your customers to take part in.  

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Understanding your customer metrics

How can metrics guide your company to positive change and maximise your efficiency?

What is NPS? 

How does your customer service fare against your competitors? Discover how an NPS score correlates highly with customer loyalty and how a single question system can help boost your profitability.


How to interpret your NPS score

How many of your customers are raising awareness for your brand in a positive light? Learn how to measure whether your business provides a good standard of customer service.

How to implement and drive effective change with the NPS

UKFast explores how to make NPS part of a wider feedback loop to help employees develop and use the information to determine improvements.


Whitepaper Cover

How does NPS work and how can it be a force for positive change within your business?How can measuring your customers’ satisfaction with your service lead to an improvement in efficiency and a boost in profit? Our whitepaper explains the ins and outs of NPS; learn how to get the most out of NPS and how measuring your customer activity correlates to an increase in revenue.