Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

In the UK, the advantages of virtualised storage led to an 83% increase in cloud uptake between 2010 and 2017. Cloud is the undeniable future of business IT, and offers a mouldable, versatile platform to facilitate IT-led business development and digital transformation. It’s important to understand the potential of the cloud’s scalability, connectivity and efficiency and how you can reap its rewards. Why are more and more businesses abandoning on-premise hosting and moving to the cloud? How can you differentiate between clouds to find the right solution for your business? What advantages does the cloud offer that on-premise hosting doesn’t? Download the whitepaper now to discover how to choose the perfect cloud for your business.

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What to look for in a cloud service

What can you expect from a cloud service? Learn what standard features and requirements every cloud solution should include. 


How do you protect your data in the cloud?

There was more data leaked or stolen from January to June in 2017 than in the entirety of 2016. From ransomware to human error, we explore the rising cyber-threat landscape, the importance of GDPR compliance and the value of a strong relationship with your cloud hosting provider as part of your compliance journey.

Which cloud is right for your business?

Discover the various flavours of cloud and how to select the right cloud service to help grow your organisation.

What opportunities can I reap in the cloud?

Transitioning to the cloud will allow your business more scalability, better connectivity and greater efficiency, but how does the cloud fit into your overall business strategy?


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The UKFast experts discuss the key aspects you should be actively evaluating as you weigh up your cloud options to find the most appropriate solution for your unique business, to help you discover the different flavours of cloud solutions and how you can fit them into your wider business strategy.   

Download our Cloud Services whitepaper now to discover the opportunities of transitioning to the cloud, how cloud adoption can grow your business, and how to find a hosting provider who can really excel your business opportunity.