Life without Safe Harbour - do you know where your data is?

Do you have a handle on your data? The long-criticised Safe Harbour agreement has been judged inadequate and a replacement, Privacy Shield, is set to land soon. However, questions over the strength of data privacy protections still remain, in particular about who is processing your data. In this guide we focus on four important questions every business needs to address to make sure they have total control of their data, in preparation for tighter legislation around data protection.

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Where does your supply chain start and finish?

Ensure that your data is secure at every point in your supply chain and get assurance from your hosting provider that your data is protected.

Can you control your supply chain?

Do you have contracts in place to guarantee the safe transfer of your data by your hosting firm?

What do you need to do to remain compliant?

How do you guarantee that your data is transferred to a level of monitoring and regulation that is equivalent to or better than EU standards?

Who’s liable if your data moves to a non-compliant location?

What is the cost to your business if you don’t take responsibility for the safety of your data at every stage of its journey?

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What are the questions you need to ask of your current hosting provider? What will the regulation mean for your business? Where does the responsibility for your data's security lie and what can you do to control your supply chain?

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