Internal and External Network Threats

2020 is set to be a record-breaking year for cyber-attacks and data breaches, with 64% of organisations stating that they have suffered one or more compromises over the last year. Having good network visibility over both internal and external threats is the key to improving your organisation’s security policies and procedures. From understanding the risks presented by both sets of threats, to learning best practice mitigation techniques and the advantages of a robust security solution, our Internal and External Network Threats guide explains how to keep your network and business safe from an ever-evolving threat landscape. Download your free copy and find out more.

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1. What are the most common external threats?

External threats are often considered to be a world of state actors or organised hacker groups specifically targeting your business – though this is rarely the case. Discover the real external dangers to your business and the top threats seen by UKFast’s threat response platform.

2. How can businesses mitigate external threats?

Implementing even simple measures will provide your business with a level of protection against external cyber-threats. Dive into five key tips for defending against common attacks businesses face this year.

3. What is an internal threat and why are most down to human negligence?

Internal threats are arguably the biggest threat of all to your business. Learn how focussing on training and education is the key to comprehensive defence against cyber-attacks.

4. How can businesses mitigate internal threats?

Between the cyber skills gap and lack of employee awareness, internal threats can be more difficult to prevent. Get best practice tips for educating your workforce, leaving no room for human error.

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There is a direct correlation between good network visibility and an effective cybersecurity strategy to defend against both internal and external threats. Only 11% of businesses in the last 12 months have invested in threat intelligence – even among large businesses, fewer than two out of five pay for the service.

Explore how employee training, vulnerability scanning and threat intelligence platforms work together to defend against existing and emerging threats, keeping your business safe from the rising level of attacks and breaches in 2020.