Hosting and Data Security: Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

It has never been more vital to prioritise data security, and the best place to begin is by understanding where and how your data is stored. According to the 2018 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, 43% of commercial businesses and 19% of charities suffered a cyber-breach in 2018. Data has no boundaries, and with the number of cyber-attacks increasing each month, securing your business data should be top priority. Did you know that 74% of companies currently outsource their IT and 87% are planning to maintain or increase their level of IT outsourcing? This whitepaper examines the advantages of outsourced hosting and the relationship between hosting and data security.  

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Which hosting is right for your business?
We help you understand the various hosting options available and how to select the right solution to help your business grow.

How to reap the rewards of outsourced hosting
We take a look at the key advantages of outsourced hosting, based on a survey commissioned by UKFast, and how outsourced hosting alleviates technological headaches.

Understanding data security and cybercrime
How can you determine the value of your data? We discuss how businesses can value their data based on how much someone is willing to pay to access that data and how much a customer is prepared to pay to protect their own data.

What role does hosting play in data security?
Who is responsible for safely storing data? Under the GDPR, both the data controller and data processer are responsible for the security of personally identifiable information. We discuss what security measures to look for in a hosting provider.

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We discuss the most vital aspects to data storage and protecting your business, in light of the GDPR and looming Brexit deadline.

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