Finding Your Cloud Guide

The advantages of virtualised storage in the UK led to an 83% increase in cloud uptake between 2010 and 2017. By 2020, 83% of enterprise workloads are expected to be in the cloud.Understanding that not all clouds are created equal is the key to finding your perfect cloud solution. Don’t assume that offerings of the same name provide the same experience, though there are some key factors that should be taken into account when choosing your cloud solution, including security, hardware and virtualisation.UKFast delves into the myths surrounding cloud adoption and the basic features to look for in your hosting provider.

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What to look for in a cloud service

While every organisation has different demands and expectations from cloud hosting, there are standard features that every solution should include. Discover basic cloud guidelines to consider before adoption.

Understanding your business needs

The quality of the facility that your cloud is housed in is just as important as the hardware it sits on. Explore key things to consider about your data centre.

Which cloud is right for your business?

To choose the right cloud solution, you must first understand the bespoke options that are available. Learn how to identify the commercial goals that cloud will help your business to achieve.

On-premise vs. outsourced hosting

The argument for on-premise vs outsourced hosting often begins and ends with CapEx vs OpEx. Learn why today’s digitised business environment presents important considerations beyond finance.

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Taking the time to assess business capabilities, potential for growth and how a virtual platform will be applied is a key starting point when moving to the cloud. Choosing the right cloud solution creates greater efficiency and flexibility, and ensures your business evolves as fast as it can in a future-proof environment.

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