DRaaS: The Business Case

Data is the lifeblood of today’s organisations, powering core applications and operations, and allowing teams to identify patterns, set goals, innovate and drive profits. Disaster recovery (DR) strategies enable organisations to establish clear plans for recovering business-critical information in the event of a disaster, to maintain business continuity and prevent data loss. Download ‘DRaaS: The Business Case’ today to find out how disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offers a highly cost-effective and flexible approach to disaster recovery.

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What's inside?

DRaaS vs DR

What makes DRaaS different to traditional DR methods? We summarise key differences and why DRaaS is such a popular option.

Reducing DR costs

Explore how DRaaS offers a simple and effective cost model, as well as saving your business the expense of data loss, data breaches and downtime.

Protecting your data

Find out how DRaaS platforms offer a securely managed solution to aid data protection and prevent data loss in the event of a disaster.

Business continuity

How does DRaaS integrate into your wider business continuity plan? We explain how DRaaS accelerates speed of recovery and simplifies testing.