Disaster Recovery and Backups Explained

In a digital age where the GDPR has made data security more crucial than ever, whether you’re a startup or international enterprise, backup plans are key to your business’ survival. Did you know that 30% of businesses have no disaster recovery strategy? The past year has seen more cyber-attacks than ever before, with data breaches and security threats creating a real risk to businesses, often having an immediate and destructive impact. With the rising number of connected devices and the increasing sophistication of hackers, it is vital to have a comprehensive backup plan in place.

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What is a disaster recovery plan?
We discuss the basic actions you and your hosting provider need to take in the event of data loss, allowing normal business activity to resume quickly and efficiently.
What is a backup?
We’ve broken down what a backup involves, how it works and why it is so important for your business.

What about data security?
GDPR has made it more important than ever for businesses to be aware of the value of the data they process. We look at the biggest cyber-threats to your business and how important data security is for success.

Finding the right backup solution
We examine the pros and cons of tape backups, disk backups and cloud backups, and how to find the right backup solution for your organisation.

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Where do you start in selecting the correct backup solution for your business?

While you can’t prepare for every possible scenario, this guide discusses the ins and outs of developing a backup plan to help you prepare for a cyber-disaster, ensuring you’re in the know with the latest security threats and laying out the best options for your business.