DDoS: What's the Threat?

Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks can be hugely damaging to a business. But what are they? Where do they come from? How can you protect your business against them? A DDoS attack is carried out with the sole purpose of slowing down or crashing your site to deny real users access to it. The ever-increasing scale and frequency of attacks over recent years places significant pressure on business leaders to react, and mitigate the potentially catastrophic financial and operational impact of an attack. The key to defending your business against DDoS attacks lies in understanding the threat. Is your business protected against DDoS attacks?

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What is a DDoS attack and how have they evolved?

DDoS attacks are not a new cybercrime phenomenon. As technology advances, DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent and sophisticated.

The DDoS landscape and latest trends

What’s new in the dark world of DDoS attacks? Here we look at the DDoS landscape and the upcoming trends in DDoS attacks, including how a rising number of connected devices on your business network can open vulnerabilities, leaving your organisation highly susceptible to an attack.

The business impact of DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks cause downtime, which can damage your reputation, operation and financial stability. We discuss the crippling impact of DDoS attacks on businesses around the world.

Five steps to protect your business against DDoS attacks

We provide you with five steps to mitigate and protect your business against DDoS attacks. Download the whitepaper today to discover what you should be doing now.

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DDoS attacks are growing fast, with attackers harnessing insecure IoT devices to create ever-larger botnets. The largest DDoS attack ever delivered occurred in 2018, measuring 1.3Tbps.

Is your business protected?

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