Cyber-Crime: What Is The Risk To UK Business

Cyber-attacks are increasing significantly, and not disappearing anytime soon. Stats show that many organisations fail to fully understand the risks and lack an appropriate strategy for defending against malicious threats. Download the infographic now to discover the latest stats on cyber-threats to UK businesses.

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The cost of cyber-crime to UK businesses
The rise of social engineering
Human error - the greatest threat to your cybersecurity
How to defend your organisation against the growing threats
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Data has no borders. If a cyber-attack occurs and your data falls into the wrong hands, there is nothing to prevent it from being transferred from one country to the next and being exploited. With the number of cyber-attacks increasing each month, it has never been more important to understand where and how your data is stored.

Download UKFast's infographic to discover the cybersecurity facts that will help you to protect your business more effectively.