Containers: A Guide for the Public Sector

Many public sector organisations face the challenge of reducing operational costs while increasing the efficiency of their IT department. But how can organisations upgrade from legacy applications and systems within a secure environment? Though the public sector has traditionally moved slower in technological innovation than other industries due to the heightened threat of a security breach having detrimental effects on operations, many organisations are now embracing containerisation to make apps and services more agile and secure. Containers allow developers to focus on their application logic and IT operations teams to concentrate on deployment, while alleviating concerns of applications sitting on a server or virtual machine (VM). How can a container solution drive your public sector organisation forward and enable advanced growth?

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What are containers?

Discover how containers differ from virtual machines and how containerisation works to quicken development pipelines.

What are the advantages of containers?

Get up to speed on how your public sector organisation can reap the rewards of containerisation, and how containers offer a package of software which coincides with the way DevOps operate.

How is the public sector utilising containers?

What challenges do public sector organisations face? Learn how utilising containers on a secure cloud solution means that public sector funds and resources are used in the most effective way.

How have other organsiations taken advantage of containers?

Explore real-life public sector case studies of how migrating to a container platform accelerated operations and modernised government bodies.

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