Colocation - The Migration Manual

The importance of high performance computing is greater today than ever. Migrating to a purpose-built data centre is the best way to ensure optimum conditions for your data and hardware, but it’s important not to let the complexity of migration prevent you from achieving the solution you need. Our experience has shown us that any migration, no matter how complex, can be achieved as long as the correct steps are taken. This free whitepaper maps out the five key stages of an effective data centre migration to help you successfully navigate the process of moving to your new data centre. Download the whitepaper now!

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Getting started

What are the five types of migration and which is best for your business? Discover key advantages of migrating and points to consider.

Assessing risks

A comprehensive risk assessment is vital and will help you to formulate the right migration plan for you. What are the three stages of risk assessment?

Setting your date

The physical move could be completed in a weekend or, depending on complexity, could take several weeks. Either way it is imperative to match your migration programme to your wider business calendar to minimise disruption.

Moving in

Given sufficient attention to detail at the planning stage, the actual migration will be a relatively straightforward process. What are the three stages of moving in?

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The final stage of migration is essentially the process of tying up any loose ends concerning the old site (or sites).

What do you need to consider when signing off your migration process? Our one-stop guide to migrating your hardware to a new data centre ensures your migration process is as stress-free as possible.

Download the whitepaper now and start planning your straight-forward migration!