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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Cloud Trends 2019

With cloud computing increasingly accelerating business growth, organisations who have not yet chosen to adopt cloud technology are being left behind – and fast. By 2020, 90% of organisations are predicted to have some part of their infrastructure in the cloud. How can your business use the cloud to digitally transform your operations and service? Is your business prepared for the cloud trends set to hit mainstream business this year? Delve into the top predictions for cloud technology with UKFast; from costing to speed and security, download the whitepaper now to get up to date on the next big thing for cloud, and how your business can get ahead of the curve in 2019 and beyond.

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Is the future multicloud?

In 2018, splitting cloud applications across multiple vendors grew in popularity. So what are the advantages of multicloud? Discover why organisations are moving towards this trend.

How is cloud flexible and cost effective?

Discover which cloud solution is best for your business, and whether to choose the cost optimisation and flexibility of public cloud, or the transparency and predictability of private cloud.

Why is speed important?

Businesses and consumers alike have a need for speed, now more than ever, and cloud technology is fuelling this drive. Learn how cloud is becoming a powerful business enabler.

How crucial is security?

With cloud security one of the top challenges facing businesses today, UKFast explores the myths behind protecting your data in the cloud and why cloud security is often neglected. Discover how you can protect your business in a secure cloud environment.

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How have cloud services and solutions evolved?
Discover the eruption of cloud ‘as-a-service’ and how these types of cloud technologies are rising in popularity.

    How is cloud revolutionising your industry?
    From marketing to transport, learn how cloud technology is transforming your sector, defining how businesses operate in a rapidly advancing and competitive market.