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Cloud Security Guide for SMEs

The last 20 years have witnessed rapid change in the methods and motivations of cybercriminals. As people and businesses move more data to the cloud, the cybersecurity landscape changes and requires a far more automated response to tackle commonplace cyber-threats. From discovering the most prominent and dangerous cloud threats, to learning top tips for  strengthening your cyber-defence, dive into our 2020 Cloud Security Pocket Guide for a comprehensive oversight of the modern threat landscape. Download your free copy and find out more. 

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Cloud data breaches: a case of when not if

Cloud data breaches are the biggest threat to businesses this year. We go back to basics on what it means to suffer a data breach, bust the myths around cloud security, and explore tailored defence methods against data breaches targeting your cloud.

DDoS and phishing attacks: a new threat generation

Phishing attacks are now better researched and targeted than ever, alongside a growing trend in application-layer DDoS attacks seen this year. Discover the best tools to fight 2020's evolving cyber-threats.

Supply-chain threats: it’s your problem

From third-party Trojan threats to watering hole attacks, learn our best practice tips for protecting your business against the risk of trusting external providers, vendors and transporters with your business-critical data.

IoT and AI: consumer targets and automated security

While the adoption of everyday IoT devices is growing exponentially, they provide weak entry points into your systems and are regularly exploited by hackers. Explore the importance of AI-powered defence against modern device attacks.

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Explore how cybercriminals have capitalised on advanced technology over the last two decades and how cybersecurity has been forced to modernise and optimise in order to keep up the fight. The next big cloud management challenge is securing apps and data in a rapidly changing cloud landscape. While manual security management is no longer enough to protect large web application infrastructure, investing in AI-powered security solutions and products which evolve with technological development means your infrastructure will be secure ahead of new cloud security threats. 

Explore the best products, solutions and services allowing businesses to get one step ahead of the cybercriminals and protect their most valuable assets.