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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Cloud Security - The Five Fears

Did you know that in 2017 cloud adoption reached 88%? Cloud computing is transforming the way business operate, and cloud adopters are instantly reaping the rewards of greater versatility, adaptability and scalability. Yet one common fear which pervades is cloud security and how it compares to the safety net of on-premise hosting. Are fears about cloud security justified? How can these fears be mitigated? UKFast takes a look at some of the concerns about data protection in the cloud holding businesses back from reaching their full potential in the cloud. 

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Is data migration secure?

Discover the best practice checklist for data migration and how advanced technologies like cloud offer businesses a huge amount of potential. 

What are the internal threats to your data?

What sort of malicious attacks could be targeting your data? UKFast puts your concerns to rest with our thorough guide to internal data threats.

How are cloud hosting providers regulated?

Compare your business to the map of data protection regulation and enforcement and how to do your homework on the best cloud hosting providers.

Does using cloud heighten the security risk?

Cloud adoption means releasing day-to-day control of your physical infrastructure to your provider, but this doesn’t need to be scary. But the myths surrounding cloud security risks. 

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Failing to remain in the know and up to speed with cloud technology could be detrimental to the success of your business, as organisations across every sector plunge their data and operation into the cloud and accelerate their technological advancement, fast.

From examining the top cloud security concerns of 2018 to alleviating your fears with best practice checklists, this whitepaper contains a comprehensive overview and expert guidance on all things cloud security. Download now to get to grips with your security concerns and bust the myths from the facts so that you can reap the cloud rewards your business deserves.