Cloud-Hosted Desktops

The way we work is evolving fast, and subsequently, the way we store crucial data safely is rapidly progressing. It’s more vital than ever for businesses to offer a flexible work-home environment or risk losing talented staff and money when natural causes mean employees can’t get to the office. With the flexibility and efficiency of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) office environments quickly becoming the norm, data storage has to catch up to counter the increased security concerns associated with employee-owned devices, which range from sophisticated phishing attempts to human error. Cloud-hosted desktops – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – offer a solution to these issues. So what are the advantages of cloud-hosted desktops? Which cloud-hosted desktop is right for your business? Download our whitepaper now to discover how to decipher which cloud-hosted desktop service is right for you and how to make the most of your VDI or DaaS solution.

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What is DaaS and VDI?

Why should you consider cloud-hosted desktops? Is DaaS or VDI a better option for your business? Discover the workings behind cloud-hosted desktops as UKFast breaks down the basics to help you make an informed decision before you transition.

Which cloud-hosted desktop is right for your business?

How does the size and strategy of your business dictate which solution is best for you? Discover the important factors to consider when choosing a hosting solution.

What are the advantages of cloud-hosted desktops?

From flexibility to security, cloud-hosted desktops offer advantages and improvements over traditional desktop solutions, but how will these features supercharge your business to the next level?

Does my business need a cloud-hosted desktop?

UKFast discusses the typical use case areas of cloud-hosted desktops – could a DaaS or VDI accelerate your unique business landscape?

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Cloud-hosted desktops’ technology aligns with important aspects of businesses today and of the future, including data security, employee mobility, IT cost and agility.

 Access the cloud from your desktop, anytime and anywhere. Discover how and download our Cloud-Hosted Desktops whitepaper now.