Business Continuity in a Data Protection Society

Having a suitable and effective plan to combat disaster is vital in the day to day continuity of every organisation. It may seem counter-productive to be planning for the unexpected, but unexpected incidents can cause detrimental repercussions like loss of data which could damage your business long term. Alongside malicious cyber-attacks and data breaches, natural disasters could strike the running of your organisation catastrophically, as our businesses continue to rely more and more on technology. Having a back up plan to reduce any downtime to your website or interruption in your operations could be the difference between business as usual and no business at all. How can you keep your business not only surviving but thriving in the event of disaster?

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What is a disaster recovery plan?
Learn the key aspects of a recovery plan and why a thorough strategy for disaster should envelop all aspects of your business.
How to protect your data and prevent loss online
What happens if your data becomes inaccessible because of a corrupted server? Get the tips on how best to protect your crucial data.
Types of online business continuity solutions
What is replication and load balancing? Explore options for your disaster recovery plan and what plan best fits your business model and operations.
How can a hosting provider help?
UKFast guarantees 100% network uptime, keeping all your data safe and accessible. Find out how to work with your hosting provider to build a bespoke disaster plan.
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Is your business prepared for disaster? Is everyone in your organisation aware of the disaster recovery plan in the event of an unexpected incident? If the answer is no, UKFast’s comprehensive guide has the answers. From learning about the importance of implementing a strategy, to the consequences of a no-plan approach, to choosing the best solution for your business, get the industry insight into producing a fool-proof strategy. Download the whitepaper to receive your easy guide to implementing the best back up plan bespoke to your business needs.