2016 Security and Cloud Predictions

With 2015 firmly in the rear view mirror, businesses are looking forward and wondering what 2016 will bring for them.For the tech industry, we already know that the next 12 months are set to bring some big changes. Those that take notice are sure to capitalise and grow, but organisations that fail to adapt will find themselves falling behind their competitors. In this whitepaper we dive deep into the most popular topics set to dominate the security and cloud landscape over the next 12 months. From new species of cyber-attacks to new cloud technologies, download our free whitepaper to discover what’s in store for cloud and security in 2016.

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Data Privacy becomes a major issue

2016 will be the year that we will actually see change, in part driven by consumer awareness, but also due to changes in long-established legal frameworks.

What’s new for the threat landscape?

In 2015, the global threat landscape became no-less dangerous and the next 12 months are set to be no different! SMEs are as much a target as large global business.

Cloud adoption trends are changing

G-Cloud is levelling the playing field, allowing more SMEs to compete in the big brand-dominated government procurement market.

Software-defined networking and storage

Once criticised as an overused buzzword, in 2016 certain elements of ‘software defined everything’ will at last play a significant role.

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Experts predict that the next 12 months will be a ‘coming of age’ era for technology as much-talked-about developments start to play a part in our daily lives. 

From the Internet of Things to big data, download our free whitepaper now to discover what’s to come for cloud and security in 2016.