1 Minute Guide to Cutting Carbon

Over 40% of current CO2 emissions are caused by the choices we make as individuals. Businesses can reduce energy in their offices, as well as saving money, by making a few small changes and encouraging colleagues to take more responsibility for their environmental impact. We have compiled a range of simple tips to help your energy-saving campaign and reduce the carbon footprint of your office. Consumers are increasingly voting with their cash when it comes to using environmentally responsible brands – make sure your business doesn’t lose out.

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Switching off IT equipment and choosing energy-efficient suppliers can be a huge win for energy efficiency. Find out the best ways to take advantage.

Office environment

Taking control of office heating and lighting can make a huge difference to your bills and the environment. Businesses can save around 10% of energy simply by turning down the office thermostat by one degree.


Encouraging employees to read from the screen, use double sided print and collect their work from the printer could help to reduce the huge amount of paper waste your business generates.


Discover how a few small changes to your business practices and implementation of the right technology can make a huge difference when it comes to your carbon footprint.

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    Whether it’s being slightly more aware of the impact your IT infrastructure has on your environment, or encouraging a more active approach to day-to-day life in the workplace, our guide to carbon cutting is designed to help your business realise and implement the positive effects of reducing your emissions.

     From improving your reputation with customers to doing your environmental duty, download the whitepaper now to reap the rewards of cutting your business’ carbon footprint.