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In a fast-paced world it's important to stay ahead of the curve, giving you the edge needed to make the decisions that fundamentally accelerate your business. That's why, at UKFast, our communications team of experts and analysts are dedicated to helping inform you of the latest developments in cloud, dedicated server hosting, application hosting, security and data sovereignty.

It's our job to give you a competitive advantage by sharing the knowledge we gain from our regular research and events, including weekly round tables, surveys, forums, tech clinics and interviews with top entrepreneurs and CIOs.

If you are interested in participating in any of our events or you want to contribute in any way and you have specialist knowledge in cloud, dedicated server hosting and security, then we want to hear from you.

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Colocation - The Migration Manual

Protecting your IT is critical to your business. Migrating to a purpose-built data centre is the best way to ensure optimum conditions for your data, but don't let the complexity of migration prevent you from achieving the solution you need. We've mapped out the five key stages of an effective data centre migration to help you successfully navigate the planning and implementation of your move.


Checklist for Festive eCommerce Success

We all have our opinions about 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber Monday', but there is no disputing the impact these boom periods have on retail businesses - eCommerce in particular. Growth in online shopping in the run-up to Christmas continues to accelerate, with online spend over the 2014 festive period growing by 19.5% year on year to £17.37bn. 2015 is sure to be the busiest year yet for online retailers. With this in mind have you prepared your site for the rush?


Penetration Testing

With cybersecurity firmly on the agenda, businesses are becoming increasingly aware of their organisation's exposure to hackers and the cyber-threats that face their business. Ultimately more has to be done to ensure that customer, employee and third party data remains safe. Penetration testing has become an essential tool used to expose weaknesses before hackers do. Also known as ethical hacking, it ensures that your business remains safe behind security that works.


Ahead in the Cloud

Your guide to cloud computing. This report explains how you can use cloud technology to deliver real value to your organisation. Case studies bring applications of cloud technology to life and the way in which cloud has been used to improve business processes and efficiency is detailed. Cloud computing has been the hot tech topic for a while now, as well as the subject of controversy and debate. It's been portrayed as a solution that can streamline work processes and consolidate overheads, but it can also put your company data at risk. So what is it all about?


1 Minute Guide: Insights Into Online Success

The companies that understand these changing customer demands and have taken decisive action to improve their web performance by moving to the high performance UKFast business hosting network are now reaping the rewards.


Your Security Report

Learn how to effectively protect your profits from cybercrime. Understand the risks involved and the magnitude of the fianancial risks.