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The G-Cloud Toolkit

In our new G-Cloud Toolkit we'll guide you through public sector cloud procurement from deciding on the right flavour of cloud right through to how to most effectively use G-Cloud to find your ideal cloud partner.


2016 Security and Cloud Predictions

2015 has been and gone and now is the time to look forward to what the next 12 months will bring for the tech industry. In this whitepaper, UKFast sets out five predictions for what businesses should look for in the worlds of cyber security and cloud computing over the coming year.


NPS: Not Just a Number

Knowing what your customers think about you is an essential part of improving and growing as a business. To help you, there are a variety of metrics out there designed to give you an insight into the mood of your customer base. However, most come with their own set of shortcomings. Net Promoter Score is fast becoming the most popular way of measuring customer satisfaction. The one question survey is reliable, easy to implement and easy for your customers to take part in. This whitepaper explains the ins and outs of NPS - from how it works to how it can be a force for positive change in your business.


Safe Harbour Q and A

It's official; Safe Harbour is invalid. Its potential replacement, Privacy Shield, is currently being discussed in the corridors of power and uncertainty remains over whether it will stand up to legal challenge. With Privacy Shield under question, businesses need to stay up to date with developments to ensure they stay compliant. We put some of the most pressing data sovereignty questions to a group of security and tech industry experts - discover what they advised and how it affects your business.


Life without Safe Harbour - do you know where your data is?

The long-criticised Safe Harbour agreement has been judged inadequate and a replacement, Privacy Shield, is set to land soon. However, questions over the strength of data privacy protections still remain, in particular about who is processing your data. In this guide we focus on four important questions every business needs to address to make sure they have total control of their data in preparation for tighter legislation around data protection.


eGuide: Introduction to Colocation

Finding the right environment to secure and connect your hardware is critical to your business. Download the eGuide: An Introduction to Colocation today and discover whether colocation is right for you, why some businesses choose to colocate and the benefits of choosing colocation over maintaining your IT infrastructure in-house.