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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

1 Minute Guide: Insights Into Online Success

Does your online business need an extra boost to maximise conversions? Are you in need of expert guidance to help you reach your full potential in a rapidly growing and evolving online world? UKFast examines the key aspects of growing your eCommerce site, and how you can take advantage of opportunities, including meeting market demand, knowing your competition, and becoming part of the customer conversation. As the fastest growing hosting provider in the UK, we can help your business gain a competitive edge. 


Seven Steps to Online Success

2009 was a tough year for business, with liquidations up 56% compared to the previous year. As the high street suffered, online businesses took less of a hit, and we are seeing more and more businesses shift their services to the internet, now the most competitive selling environment. Being prominent on the internet i paramount for your business’ success. From making sure your business’ SEO is effective and increasing your website speed, to implementing a cost-free acceleration strategy, UKFast guides you through the essential steps to becoming a success story in the world of online commerce.


1 Minute Guide - Google Quick Wins

Can your business be found easily online? If your site isn’t appearing in the rankings of the biggest search engine in the world, you’re losing potential conversions and profit.Google is constantly reassessing its ranking and user interface, making hundreds of changes each year. It’s therefore essential to keep up to date with the latest changes to ensure your business can be found quickly and easily, in order to maximise your online opportunities.But how do you ensure search engine success? Download the whitepaper to discover the latest quick wins to ensure your website appears in the search engine rankings.


1 Minute Guide to Cutting Carbon

Over 40% of current CO2 emissions are caused by the choices we make as individuals. Businesses can reduce energy in their offices, as well as saving money, by making a few small changes and encouraging colleagues to take more responsibility for their environmental impact. We have compiled a range of simple tips to help your energy-saving campaign and reduce the carbon footprint of your office. Consumers are increasingly voting with their cash when it comes to using environmentally responsible brands – make sure your business doesn’t lose out.


Business Continuity in a Data Protection Society

Having a suitable and effective plan to combat disaster is vital in the day to day continuity of every organisation. It may seem counter-productive to be planning for the unexpected, but unexpected incidents can cause detrimental repercussions like loss of data which could damage your business long term. Alongside malicious cyber-attacks and data breaches, natural disasters could strike the running of your organisation catastrophically, as our businesses continue to rely more and more on technology. Having a back up plan to reduce any downtime to your website or interruption in your operations could be the difference between business as usual and no business at all. How can you keep your business not only surviving but thriving in the event of disaster?