Cloud-Hosted Desktops

Which Solution is Right For You?

Cloud-hosted desktop solutions provide a number of core benefits to businesses, IT teams and employees. Deciding which is the right solution is the first step.

In this whitepaper, we outline the benefits of cloud-hosted desktops in a simple and easy format, whilst providing some use-cases to illustrate these benefits.

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Inside The Whitepaper...

  • How cloud-hosted desktops save investment in IT hardware
  • Why cloud-hosted desktops provide higher data security
  • How cloud-hosted desktops speed up software updates and security patches
  • Why BYOD users and their organisations benefit from running cloud-hosted desktops
  • Which cloud-hosted desktop is right for you; DaaS or VDI

"All our offices connect through Citrix, so that we can work together when we're at opposite points in the world - whether that's Hong Kong or New York - it means everyone within the business can operate fully and work at a comfortable level, and we can deliver essential tools to our clients effectively."

World Transport Agency

Benefits of Cloud-Hosted Desktops

 Employee mobility

Enable a robust BYOD strategy by providing employees with the tools to work from anywhere. Cloud-hosted desktops provides a consistent experience across all user devices.


DaaS stores files and data in UKFast's secure data centres. Removing data from user devices eliminates the risk of data loss through theft or loss of the user device.

Improved agility

DaaS gives your IT team improved central control over all user desktops, allowing for more agile deployment and patching of applications.

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