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UKFast runs regular audio and video webinars on a variety of cloud, hosting, IT and technology related topics. Browse our upcoming webinars or register to get immediate access to one of our previous webinars below. Need some help deciding? Why not watch our "most popular" webinars. You may also be interested in our whitepapers, guides and reports. Visit the UKFast Whitepapers section here.

Upcoming Webinars

GDPR: Deadline Day

Wednesday 23rd May at 11:00AM Europe/London

With just two days to go until the GDPR deadline, how prepared is your business? Join GDPR experts as they review the significant regulatory requirements of the EU GDPR, and walk you through a quick checklist to make sure you are ready. Prepared or not, there may still be a few final preparatory steps to take to ensure you’ll have nothing to worry about when the regulation comes into effect in two days’ time. Join the webinar to discover: - The last minute steps to take for GDPR compliance - How to tackle the main aspects of GDPR compliance before time runs out

  • Jonathan Bowers, Managing Director of Enterprise at UKFast

Previous Webinars

GDPR & eCommerce

Wednesday 25th April at 11:00AM Europe/London

With a month to go until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force it’s crucial for all businesses to get their ducks in row in order to comply with the impending changes to data law. Any businesses taking online payments or handling consumer data need to be ready for GDPR adoption by the 25th of May 2018, when it officially comes into force. A study by OnePoll found that almost half of UK consumers plan to exercise their new rights over their data when GDPR comes into force. It questioned 2,000 UK consumers between May 24th and 26th 2017, and found that 48% planned to wield their new rights over personal data. A third (33%) said they would exercise the right to have their data removed by retailers, while 33% would ask retailers and brands to stop using their data for marketing purposes. Almost one in five (17%) said they would challenge automated decisions made by retailers and 24% said they would access the data that retail companies hold about them. The GDPR will be a huge change for all businesses, but eCommerce businesses in particular, as by nature, any company taking orders online will be receiving a vast amount of data on a wide number of people. This means eCommerce businesses will need to be ready to implement some fairly big changes in order to comply. Sign up now to the GDPR & eCommerce webinar to discover: - How GDPR will affect the eCommerce industry - What shop owners must do for GDPR Compliance - Top tips and advice on gaining that much-needed consent Don’t miss out on this opportunity to put your questions to our GDPR experts!

  • Jonathan Bowers, Managing Director of Enterprise at UKFast

IoT: Discover the possibilities for your business

Thursday 19th April at 11:00AM Europe/London

What’s in store for the Internet of Things (IoT) this year? That’s the question on many people’s minds in the fast-growing IoT industry. Connected machines and objects in factories offer the potential for a 'fourth industrial revolution' with experts predicting more than half of new businesses will run on IoT by 2020. A study from Ofcom forecasts that IoT connections across 12 industry sectors in the UK will grow to more than 150 million by 2024. The report suggests that despite the challenges currently present in the IoT, applications are starting to deliver measurable benefit to consumers and businesses, and the IoT is likely to move rapidly from niche to mainstream, especially in sectors such as automotive, utilities and consumer goods. Register now to our IoT webinar to discover the latest developments in IoT – from security and adoption, to innovation and skills. Sign up now to discover: How and why the IoT is a key building block for digital business - Why IoT is important and what technologies and vendors can propel it - Top business use cases for IoT - Keep your eyes peeled as we will be announcing our panel of experts soon...

  • Jonathan Bowers, Managing Director of Enterprise at UKFast

Data Security

Wednesday 4th April at 11:00AM Europe/London

Data is being increasingly recognised as an important corporate asset that needs to be safeguarded. Loss of information can have a detrimental effect on a business; from losing the trust of their customers, to big financial losses. And with the impending GDPR regulation coming into force in a matter of months managing your data has just become more critical than ever before. GDPR is placing even more obligation on organisations to ensure that personal data is used legally and transparently. It also fundamentally changes the relationship that individuals have with those organisations with whom they interact in terms of their personal data, and places more emphasis on the rights of data subjects. Sign up now to the data security webinar to discover: The detrimental effects of not keeping your data secure - How GDPR will impact data security - What to be aware of in the 2018 data security landscape - Put your data security questions to our experts. Sign up for free.

  • Jonathan Bowers, Managing Director of Enterprise at UKFast