vCenter Server, formerly VirtualCenter, manages VMware vSphere from a central source meaning IT administrators now have much better control over their VMs than other platforms. This allows us to unlock the capabilities of vSphere as well as providing an easily scalable platform.

The innovative single console approach means monitoring and management of the performance of clusters and VMs is achieved in the most efficient and simple way. This proactive technology allows us to provide you with an efficient and fast VMware powered hosting solution.

The VMware vCenter family of products simplify our management of your IT and allow us to obtain the highest levels of efficiency and security at a lower cost.

They also allow us to drastically improve on the current industry levels of disaster recovery (DR), leveraging automated DR failovers and providing cost-efficient replication.

vCenter Site Recover Manager assists us in delivering these advanced methods of replication and disaster recovery, and has the capability to allow us to scale to hundreds of VMs per cluster.

VMware Enterprise Partner  vCloud Powered Partner

VMware vCenter, and its server availability enhancements delivered with vSphere 5.1, provides us with the essential tools we need to manage business focused virtualisation environments efficiently. Utilising our expertise, recognised by our status as a VMware Enterprise Partner and vCloud Powered Partner, we are able to offer increasingly dynamic cloud environments.

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