VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi Servers

ESXi is the only hypervisor purpose built that does not depend on an operating system to install. As a 'bare-metal' hypervisor, ESXi partitions the physical server it has been installed on into multiple virtual machines. These virtual machines share the resource of the entire system, without the need of a local operating system to perform local system management tasks. This process reduces the footprint of the hypervisor to less than 150MB, as opposed to ESX's 2GB.

Management functionality rests with remote management tools, i.e. the VMware vCenter product suite, and is no longer restricted to the local command line interface. This increases the efficiency of managing a VMware vSphere server and frees up your resources to manage other aspects of a solution.

We advance your cloud security using our VMware vCloud solutions, while maintaining the flexibility and open standards required to support your existing infrastructure.


Through our status as a VMware Enterprise Partner we are able to utilise the very latest VMware vSphere hypervisors. This means you get the most streamlined, reliable and secure configurations of VMware vSphere available.


We are also accredited as vCloud Powered Partners, meaning our technical team are recognised as experts in the VMware vCloud Director, the technology that underpins our eCloud solutions. We are one of only a handful of UK businesses to achieve this accreditation, meaning you benefit from our in-depth expertise and technical knowledge.

The table below compares VMware ESXi 5.0 with another popular hypervisor, Citrix Xen Server:

Feature VMware vSphere ESXi Citrix Xen Server
Footprint on the server <150MB 1GB
Requirement of an OS No Reliance Requires Linux on Management Partition
Driver Requirement None Requires Linux Drivers
System Memory Management Can reclaim memory as well as de-duplicate and compress memory pages Relies on the basics of ballooning, cannot de-duplicate or compress memory pages. Will not change memory management in-line with usage of each Virtual Machine (VM)
I/O Scalability Unencumbered I/O bottlenecked by OS requirement

VMware vSphere ESXi 5.0 also benefits from significant performance enhancements over comparative hypervisors, security technology within VMware VMsafe that cannot be matched and enhanced virtual hardware - being able to scale an individual VM up to 1TB of RAM as well as utilise up to 32-way virtual SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing - a utility allowing use of more than 1 processor, simultaneously).

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