Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Cloud-hosted desktops on enterprise-grade infrastructure for ultimate scalability and IT agility.

Cloud-hosted desktops.

Which solution is right for you?

Cloud hosted desktop solutions provide a number of core benefits to businesses, IT teams and employees. Deciding which is the right solution is the first step. In addition, this whitepaper outlines the benefits in a simple and easy format, while providing some use-cases to illustrate these benefits:

  • Increased data security for organisations
  • Ideal for "Bring You Own Device" (BYOD) users
  • Improved agility for IT teams
  • OpEx instead of CapEx

Whitepaper content preview:

Deciding whether cloud-hosted desktops are right for your business is the first consideration on your path to adopting this powerful technology. This whitepaper features key information to help make an informed decision.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allow organisations to run user desktops as a virtual machine (VM) from a centralised server. These solutions provide a personalised desktop to each user within the organisation, while providing the user with increased flexibility and the IT organisation with improved security and agility. Our whitepaper will help you decide whether DaaS or VDI is right for you.

What you will learn in this whitepaper

IT teams are increasingly tasked to optimise organisational processes and contribute to profitability. While the solutions to these demands are varied, cloud hosted desktops provide financial, as well as process improvements. In this whitepaper we look at some of the main aspects.

After reading this document you will know more about:

  • How cloud-hosted desktops save investment in IT hardware
  • Why cloud-hosted desktops provide higher data security
  • How cloud-hosted desktops speed up software updates and security patches
  • Why BYOD users and their organisations benefit from running cloud-hosted desktops

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure whitepaper

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

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What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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