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UKFast has a privileged position at the heart of the internet. With thousands of clients across all online sectors, our news centre is designed to offer a daily fix of information that fits all businesses, delivering the expertise that helps them to grow.

The UKFast news presents the latest headlines on a range of topics; from the hottest happenings in hosting to stories from the security sphere. We also Tweet these headlines, so you can keep an eye on the latest news whilst you are out and about.

We produce a monthly newsletter and a weekly bulletin on a variety of topics including: Security, Microsoft, Linux, Customer Service, and Internet Business. This resource provides our clients with an invaluable information base to help their companies grow and flourish in the online environment.

For more industry insights, the UKFast blog deals with all major happenings in the business world and is a great forum for discussion and debate.

The UKFast round tables bring experts together to look at how the internet has changed the way we do business. The themes are focused on vertical industries or topical themes, with subjects ranging from Tweeting businesses to PCI compliance, from Sustainable Online Society to E-commerce and the mobile web.

Finally, for more information on what is going on in the UKFast office and beyond, you can log in to our media centre to see our latest releases and the publications which have featured them.

As we believe that knowledge is the biggest driver of growth online, we hope you will find this material useful and that it benefits your online business.

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