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With 32% of businesses experiencing breaches or attacks at least once a week, staying ahead of the ever-expanding cyber-threat landscape is a growing challenge for organisations of all sizes. Providing a bespoke security solution, Threat Vision is an intelligent response platform which analyses, detects, blocks and prevents a multitude of cyber-attacks.

“After years of IT headaches with previous hosting companies, I can finally sleep at night knowing my company and my customers' websites are secure and shielded from the growing threat landscape.”

Watkins Web Design


In the last ten years, hackers attempted to break into business networks every 39 seconds

Of Businesses

46% of businesses identified cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months

Of Businesses

32% of businesses experience breaches or attacks at least once a week

UKFast's seamless Threat Response

Monitor and react to events in real time from your dashboard, with 24/7/365 support on hand from our experienced security professionals.


Intelligent response to threats

Analyse, detect, block and prevent a multitude of cyber-threats.


Single-pane network visibility

View all server activity, reports and alerts in a simple-to-use dashboard.


Robust bespoke solutions

Customise and integrate seamlessly with existing solutions.

Threat Vision

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Threat scan

Unlimited vulnerability scanning to test server security. Access reports immediately within the MyUKFast dashboard.

defence level: low

Detect and patch server vulnerabilities before they are exploited by cybercriminals.

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Threat surveillance

Analyse server activity, block suspicious events and prevent cyber-attacks with real-time alerts and live reporting.

defence level: medium

Facilitates effective response to cyber-threats with rapid detection and device alerts.

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Threat soc

All the features of Threat Surveillance with additional 24/7, proactive mitigation of threats from a team of security experts.

defence level: high

Complete security management and support to protect your servers from cyber-threats.

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Ensure your infrastructure is protected at base level with a robust, reliable and versatile cybersecurity solution, built bespoke for your business.

“I simply cannot fault the level of service and professionalism that UKFast bring to the table. I think we are on our third or fourth dedicated server with them now and have benefitted from their expertise for well over a decade.”

Fuel Solutions Limited

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