The terabyte server: a massive capacity for storage

Your UKFast terabyte server provides you with four times the average server storage capacity.

That's four times the amount of room for your websites. Four times the storage for your databases. And four times the space for your files, folders, or anything else you plan to put on your dedicated server.

Year on year server hardware gets bigger, faster and more powerful.

With a terabyte server you can guarantee that you'll be at the forefront of the internet industry and that your business draws massive benefits by implementing such groundbreaking technology.

A single terabyte dedicated server benefits your business due to its centralised administration. Your single server only needs one control panel to keep your massive storage space in check.

Because all of your data is kept on one piece of hardware in a single location, rather than across several servers, the speed of your server is greatly increased.

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In essence a terabyte server implements the following advantages:

To request more information about terabyte servers, please call us on 0800 458 4545.

Replic8 your terabyte server

Going one step further, why not mirror two terabyte servers so vital information is stored on two pieces of hardware which will never be lost?

Click on the link to find out more about UKFast Replic8 software for your dedicated server.