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Secure your site with an SSL Certificate

Users have come to expect an SSL on these type of websites and will go elsewhere if it's not secure. Now EV (Extended Validation) certificates turn the URL bar green and show your company name, which gives your visitors extra visibility and assurance that you're a geninue company with a secure, safe website. It all helps to improve website conversions.

Google have recently announced that sites served over HTTPS will get increased ranking in their search results, meaning that it's more important than ever to secure your site with an SSL certificate. Use our SSL Certificate Checker to check the SSL certificate information for certain domains. UKFast have a range of SSL certificates to secure your website, find the best option for you below and purchase today :


Cost effectively secure your website with our NEW FastSSL certificate. Automated provisioning means its ready to install within minutes of validating your domain.

  • Online automated validation - get your certificate quickly
  • Secures and
  • 2048-bit SSL Certificate
  • Trusted by all popular browsers
from £40.80

Multi-Domain SSL

Secure multiple domains

Secure up to 100 domains on the same server with a single certificate. The multi domain certificate is ideal for organisations that have multiple unique domains hosted on a single server. 3 domains are included in the standard price and additional domains can be added at a lower price than a single domain SSL.

  • Secure up to 100 unique domains
  • 128/256 bit encryption
  • Trusted by 99.3% of browsers.
from £130.68

Unified Communications SSL

Consolidate certificates for multiple UC devices

Users of MS Exchange 2010 or Office Communications Server 2007 are able to consolidate all certificates into a single, manageable UC Certificate.

  • Secure multiple domains with the one certificate.
  • Trusted by 99.3% of browsers and mail servers
  • Supplied by one of three Microsoft official UCC vendors
  • Supported by Exchange 2010 and OCS 2007
from £215.93

Wildcard SSL

Secure multiple subdomains across multiple server

Secure unlimited subdomains over multiple servers on a single Wildcard SSL. For example: If you own and have several subdomains such as,, etc. you can manage them all under one Wildcard SSL.

  • Secure multiple subdomains for a specified domain
  • 2048-bit, next generation SSL
  • Trusted by 99.3% browsers
  • 128/256 bit SSL encryption.
from £303.24

Extended Validation SSL

Highest assurance available for single domains

EV SSL offers the highest assurance certificate available. This certificate provides a visual trust indicator by turning the HTTPS address bar green - a feature exclusive to EV SSL that indicates that the site is verified and secure.

  • Green HTTPS address bar
  • Highest assurance certificate
  • 2048-bit SSL certificate
  • Free trust mark
  • Licensed for unlimited physical servers.
from £288.59

Extended Validation Multi-Domain SSL

Highest assurance for multiple domains

This is the ideal solution for SMEs looking to secure multiple websites using one certificate. Secure up to 100 domains on the same server with a single certificate. Like regular EV certificates EV Multi Domain SSLs also display the green HTTPS website address bar to visitors. 3 domains are included in the standard price and additional domains can be added at a lower price than a single domain SSL.

  • Protect up to 100 domains with one certificate
  • Offers huge savings compared to multiple purchases
  • Green HTTPS address bar on all domains
  • 2048bit SSL certificate.
from £573.41

Symantec Secure Site Pro

Symantec secure site pro SSL certificates help you to secure your website with strong encryption strength.

Protect your business from attack with the strongest SSL encryption available to the most site visitors. This website security solution features true 128-bit encryption, the Norton Secured Seal, vulnerability assessment, and website malware scanning to help you take action against critical website weaknesses.

  • FREE Norton™ Secured Seal
  • Vulnerability assessment and daily website malware scanning help protect your site from hackers.
  • Full business authentication verifies your business identity and domain ownership.
from £405.40

Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV

Secure Site Pro with EV also offers our strongest SSL encryption with vulnerability assessment and malware scanning to help defend your site against attacks.

Protect your customers and grow your business with the most trusted and secure choice for website protection. This website security solution features Extended Validation (EV), the green address bar, and the Norton Secured Seal, the most recognized trust mark on the Internet.

  • Customers Gain Confidence with the Green Address Bar
  • FREE Norton™ Secured Seal
  • Daily website malware scanning and vulnerability assessment to secure your site and help defend against attacks
from £575.27