The UKFast Manchester Squash Open 2007

UKFast Manchester Squash Open 2007

UKFast is proud to sponsor The Northern's first BSPA Grand Prix Squash Tournament. The BSPA (British Squash Professionals Association) was formed and nurtured by Hands and Walker, after the British Closed Championships were reduced to a lower level.

Building relationships

"UKFast is delighted to sponsor the BSPA squash tournament. We have a strong focus on speed, precision, expertise and winning team support - our association with the BSPA helps us to emphasise these key strengths. The sponsorship also allows us to build lasting relationships within the local community. We were thrilled with the opportunity to sponsor the tournament and promote the benefits of sports and exercise for improved health," says Lawrence Jones, CEO of UKFast.

Entry to the the UKFast Manchester Squash Open was free and started on Thursday 8 February and ran until the finals on Sunday 11 February 2007.

And the winner is...

Stewart Boswell and Scott Handley UKFast Manchester Squash Open 2007

The anticipation for the UKFast Manchester Squash Open could not have been higher. Injuries and weather gave the inaugural tournament a different look before it even started. The snow that disrupted travel over much of the UK claimed a few casualties in the qualifying matches, and the withdrawals of top seeds Nick Matthew and Daryl Selby caused more problems. Fortunately able replacements were on hand.

The opening evening on Thursday 8 February was crammed with gripping matches and fascinating results. The 32 qualifiers to the event were battling to secure a place in the main draw of the BSPA Grand Prix squash tournament. Such a large and talented array of players, meant that the squash games were played at the highest standard. Plenty of highly athletic matches kept the growing crowd excited and impressed. Amongst the crowd were members of UKFast revelling in the spectacular display of athletic ability and giving away handfuls of goodie bags.

Stewart Boswell UKFast Manchester Squash Open 2007 winner with Lawrence Jones

Lawrence Jones was on the edge of his seat for the majority of the tournament. "The players were of the highest calibre I have ever seen, their retrieving, their speed about the court and the changes in direction were fantastic," says Jones. During the final Stewart Boswell and Scott Handley enjoyed an incredibly tense match. The games were neck and neck throughout but on Sunday 11 February in front of a packed out court, Scott Handley's run came to an end and Stewart Boswell emerged as the BSPA Grand Prix winner.

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