SQL Mirroring

A feature of SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012, SQL mirroring increases the availability of your SQL Server database; ensuring continuous data availability and helping avoid data corruption or loss following any period of downtime.


  • INCREASED DATA PROTECTION By creating a mirror copy of your data, mirroring delivers complete or almost complete redundancy of data.
  • INCREASED DATABASE AVAILABILITY In the event of an issue, inbuilt failover quickly brings the standby copy of your database online without data loss.
  • IMPROVED AVAILABILITY OF PRODUCTION DATABASE DURING UPGRADES To minimize downtime you can sequentially upgrade the instances of SQL Server that are participating in your mirroring session. This reduces interruption to service during upgrades.


SQL mirroring requires multiple servers to run in the correct mirror configuration. You will run a primary server, which will take care of processes and a secondary server acting as a backup server.

The details of the primary server are copied every few minutes and sent to the backup server, essentially mirroring data between the two. In the event of the primary server failing, the secondary (backup) server takes over as the primary with the up-to-date copy of the data.

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