SQL Clustering - High Availability Infrastructure

Just imagine the impact of your SQL server being offline. The costs implications to you and your business could be enormous.

Clustering boosts your SQL Server's uptime, should one SQL Server fail in the cluster, another clustered server will automatically take over, keeping downtime to a minimum. In fact you will notice little, if any differences during this time.

We have extensive knowledge in dedicated and virtual SQL Server clustering, giving you the peace of mind that your data will remain available should anything happen to your primary SQL server.

Our Certified Microsoft engineers manage and support your clustered solution around the clock, maintaining its integrity with patching services and cluster/farm troubleshooting, where necessary, assuring they operate at their peak performance.

SQL Server clustering is the most effective way to achieve high availability in a SQL Server environment. For maximum business continuity along with intelligent backup solutions it provides 100% recoverability of your data.

SQL Server clustering offers you reliability, security and high availability for your business-critical applications and web environments 24/7.

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