Hosting in the UK for South African Businesses

There comes a point in the development of every business in which you've got to take a moment from asking the question "what's next" and ask "where's next". For South African businesses the UK has always been a great target for foreign expansion, with most companies easily transfering their expertise into the UK marketplace.

There is a wealth of shared cultural heritage, existing business ties and South African businesses benefit from only being two hours ahead of UK time.

Why UKFast?

It's essential that your server is based in the UK, as search engines use the location of your server to determine how relevant your website is to the local users. What's more, search engines such as Google put a lot of weight on how fast your site is when ranking in their results pages. As UKFast has one of the fastest hosting networks in the UK, you can be assured that your site will perform better, giving you a competitive edge.

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