Dedicated Server Maintenance

Therefore, it's your responsibility to keep up-to-date with the latest security patches or risk jeopardising the integrity of the entire network!

UKFast server maintenance ensures that the latest patches are installed as they're released, thus maximising the security framework surrounding your network. It's a total peace-of-mind hosting solution.

How are patches installed?

Once the relevant patches have been released and UKFast have received notification, we individually access each dedicated server that is subscribed to the server maintenance package and install the patches to ensure the updates are installed correctly and without problem.

When will it be done?

The level of criticality of the patch that is released will determine the speed with which it is installed onto the server. As standard, we will email all customers subscribed to the maintenance package and inform them that a new update has been released and this will be installed within 1 working day. The only reason for not installing a patch within this time frame is a specific request from the customer not to do so. If a patch is released and marked as critical, we will react immediately to install this onto the machine to ensure that the problem in the operating system cannot be exploited.

Server reboots

Once a patch has been installed, it is usual for the server that the patch has been installed onto to need a reboot. As the server will be offline and unavailable for a short time whilst the server reboots UKFast will contact the customer with regard to the timing of the reboot to ensure this causes minimum amount of downtime and inconvenience.


As standard, the updates will be installed and the server rebooted during normal office hours (8am to 8pm Monday to Friday). We also have a premium package available where we will install patches at a time nominated by the customer.

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