Reduce Costs and Increase Security, Consolidate Your Servers

In today's evolving business landscape, organisations are reliant on their IT infrastructure to keep pace and ensure that new opportunities can be realised. This demands increasingly complex IT systems, with expertise needed to effectively manage servers and infrastructure.

Hardware is often purchased in response to an immediate problem, on a case-by-case basis, leaving businesses with expensive and often under-utilised hardware. For some, this abundance of hardware also raises security concerns and can lead to overwhelming management needs.

Today businesses are increasingly turning to server consolidation as one means of overcoming this, cutting unnecessary costs and maximising return on investment.

Server consolidation reduces server sprawl; the total number of servers an organisation requires by maximising the available resources of the remaining hardware. This in turn allows you to compound many different services or applications on the same server, boosting resource efficiency and driving down costs at the same time.

But consolidation requires planning, and not just for now. Every consolidation plan needs to address scalability, anticipating future growth needs.

At UKFast we help to reduce the complexity of your server consolidation, whilst helping to manage cost and simplify your overall IT infrastructure.

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How do you consolidate your servers?

With UKFast, server virtualisation is used to optimise resource sharing, with a choice of hypervisors, Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere for both Windows and Linux solutions. With full technical support from qualified engineers 24/7/365.

Benefits of server consolidation:



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