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UKFast Security Newsletter - July 2017

Should you pay your ransomware ransom? Live ransomware webinar and more...

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UKFast Security Newsletter - June 2017

Security round table at London Tech Week, what's next after WannaCry, biometric hacking and more...

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UKFast Security Newsletter - April 2017

Get GDPR ready, DDoSX launched and more

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UKFast Security Newsletter - March 2017

Extra Protection with DDoSX™, Digital Security Secrets Unlocked, IoT Uncovered and more...

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UKFast Security Newsletter - September 2015

September can be tough. Summer's pretty much done and there are rumours that the UK is stuck in the past on security! Luckily, for the most part, we've got lots of other reassuring tips and news. For example, the one thing you shouldn't be stressing about - whether you're already in the cloud or just thinking about it - is how safe it is, so we've got a handy eBook that's myth-bustin' all over the place. Education is key to protecting yourself, so it's important to stay up to date on third-party threats, and with any attacks in the news that could affect you, like the one targeting mobile users. Finally, we've got a webinar at 3pm today to help ensure you're prepared for the festive season.

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UKFast Security Newsletter - May 2015

Good security is as much about a well-rounded education as anything else; so, this month we're sharing a mix of current threats - such as ShopLift and a Windows vulnerability - and tips on how to protect yourself - like expert insights on how to focus your business' security strategy! We've also got the lowdown on several events you can get involved in to help you continue to grow your business and meet other experts, and - to top it off - a charity event for a bit of good karma!

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UKFast Security Newsletter - April 2014

As security concerns continue to escalate, and more and more breaches are made public, this week's CERT-UK launch could be a light in the dark. We've got the latest on the launch, and are also sharing some tips on how to keep your data backed up should disaster strike, the bid to lay bare business breaches, and a new hack that's been making the rounds.

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UKFast Security Newsletter - November 2013

With more and more businesses relying on digital data to survive and grow, this month we ask are data recovery experts the corporate emergency service? Could you survive a data disaster without them? We also bring the latest UKFast news and updates to the MyUKFast portal.

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UKFast Security Newsletter - September 2013

We are delighted to announce that our CEO, Lawrence Jones, is launching a £1million fund to help protect businesses from online threats. We also hear the thoughts of data security firm Egress on the importance of storing data close to home and their relationship with UKFast, cybersecurity firm Secarma discusses the issue of destroying sensitive data on a hard drive, and we invite you to our upcoming events.

Read the September 2013 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - UN Targeted in Hack Attack

This month we discuss the Teampoison hack attack on the UN and their proposed 'Robin Hood' allegiance with Anonymous, aiming to steal from the rich and give to the poor.

In other security news we discover the top concerns for CIOs and cloud computing and explore the latest government cyber security strategy which pledges to not only tackle high-end cyber risks but also help to small businesses and the general public.

Read the December 2011 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Facebook is Hackers' Open Door to SMEs

This month we take a look at the risks posed by Facebook and how the habits of employees can cost SMEs more than just wasted time.

We also see the latest news about the recently discovered Duqu worm and its new comrade PoisonIvy.

Read the November 2011 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin September 2011

From forged Google SSL certificates to the serious consequences of over-sharing on Facebook, this month's bulletin covers it all. We look at three of the top security stories this month, calling the current protocols for web security into question once more.

Happy reading!

Read the September 2011 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Microsoft Offer Reward for Security Defence Research

In the first of this month's bulletin we delve into Microsoft's announcement that it will pay out rewards of up to $200,000 for innovative research into computer security defence.

In other news we take a look into the advanced notification of Microsoft's latest security patch updates and assess the vulnerabilities of Google Chrome.

Happy reading!

Read the August 2011 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Are NHS Records Safe in the Clouds?

On security today we look at the NHS and a potential move into the cloud. Some experts are concerned about the security of our personal data. Find out more from the team at UKFast.

In other news, we look at 'indestructable' botnets and why the Sony style hack is unavoidable.

Read the July 2011 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Simple Hack Broke Sony

The controversy surrounding Sony rages on, so much so that it has unearthed a wealth of news about high profile cybercrimes. Our feature article looks at the fact that even big businesses are failing to protect themselves from the simplest of hack attacks.

We back this up in our supporting news this month with a piece on the organised war that is developing around big hacks and the UK and US government responses to the threat. We also report on Google's thwarting of phishing attacks in China.

Read the June 2011 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - The Motivations of the Sony Hackers

As Sony and Apple share the hacking and data protection headlines our security team looks at the motivations of the cybercriminals and issues a passwords warning.

We also look in more detail at Sony and Apple and their failures to keep customer data private.

Read the May 2011 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Hackers Targeting Corporate Data

Our main story this month focuses on a report released by security firm McAfee suggesting cyber criminals have now moved away from preying on innocent users' credit card and personal details and are instead headstrong on retrieving sensitive corporate data.

Also this month, it seems as though the hacker is holding internet users hostage as we discuss the malware scandal rocking the internet with Hackers threatening users to pass over ransom money in exchange of retrieving their Stolen Data.

Finally we look at how millions of pounds are being lost inside the web as people forget to record a list of passwords to access their "digital assets" like iTunes libraries in their wills, leaving their fortunes behind.

Happy reading!

The UKFast Team

Read the March 2011 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Security Major Concern in M-Commerce

Our main story this month focuses on the latest UKFast round table discussion on m-Commerce. Our experts agree that security is a significant concern in the mobile market and consider why companies are not investing in fully protected infrastructures for consumers.

Also this month, we discuss Intel's latest deal with McAfee for £5bn as well as Chrome's latest update intended to patch 19 vulnerabilities.

Happy reading!

The UKFast Team

Read the March 2011 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Certified Security from UKFast

This month Google offers a $20,000 wager to hackers that its website cannot be compromised, while web giant Flickr is forced to admit it has deleted 4,000 users' images.

As this bulletin is all about the importance of security online, we are also taking this opportunity to tell you about the latest accreditations we have received here at UKFast. By adding ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to our existing ISO 27001 standard, we want to assure you once again that your data is in the safest hands.

Happy reading!

The UKFast Team

Read the February 2011 article here

UKFast security Bulletin - Fake Microsoft Emails Spread Worm

Happy New Year and welcome to our first Security update of 2011.

We hope you've had a great festive season and are all on top form as we launch into January. Today we take a brief look at the cybercriminals' latest 'Microsoft' trick to get you to download malicious software, while our recommended security reading includes stolen iTunes accounts and vulnerable mobile users.

As always, your feedback on our bulletins is invaluable, please feel free to email Jonathan Bowers with your thoughts.

Read the January 2011 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Google Offers Cash to Hackers

Cash for Finding Google Security Flaws

Our main story this month focuses on the latest program from Google, which offers a cash reward to those who can discover a security flaw in any of their sites.

Following a similar successful scheme on the Chrome browser earlier in the year, Google is now offering between US$500 and $3,133.70, for a flaw found upon any of their websites.

Also this month, we discuss the news that 85 per cent of the population are worried about bank card fraud and identity theft as revealed in the latest EU survey, and we also investigate the latest zero-day bug which has been uncovered within Internet Explorer.

Read the November 2010 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - One Third of People Don't Trust the Web

Our feature article this month investigates the revelation that one in three people see any website as a security threat.

We've also collated some of the month's biggest security stories, including the return of a huge spamming botnet and the change of security protocol for Chinese mobile accounts.

Read the September 2010 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - The Importance of Data Retention Plans

This month, with another e-crime gang hitting the headlines, we look at what organisations are doing, or rather not doing, to prevent data loss. Our feature story analyses the latest findings of Applied Research and the importance of data retention plans.

Also this month, we look at whether the iPad and iPhone are secure enough for corporate use.

Read the August 2010 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - PC users unintentionally help hackers

This month we report on the latest wave of cyber attacks targeting Microsoft, YouTube and Google, as well as revealing how a software developer has taken an unusual approach to exploiting Apple's app store. With the latest industry research showing that 1 in 10 UK PCs are compromised and could be used to launch a cyber attack, our feature article this month deals with the implications of this latest security threat.

Read the July 2010 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - A Securer Online Future

As Symantec reveals security apps for smartphones and Google's Street View Car comes under fire for logging the UK's entire wireless network, our feature story focuses on inspiring confidence online. With more retail customers buying online we look at what security vendors must do to keep the UK e-commerce market ahead of its European rivals. Also this month, Ofcom releases a draft of the Digital Economy Act and Facebook's founder defends its privacy settings.

Read the June 2010 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - The World's Worst Spammers

Following the end of the first quarter, security company Sophos leads the way with its most recent cyber crime trend report. Complementing further studies by McAfee and Symantec, our feature story names and shames the top spam relaying countries and commends China for its efforts in dropping down the list. Also this month, we look at virus detection a decade on from the LoveBug.

Read the May 2010 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Tougher Penalties For Data Breaches

This week sees tougher measures imposed for data breaches. With Google tackling Buzz's privacy issues and the Department of Justice's Inspector General emphasising the threat of identity theft, our feature story looks at the Information Commissioner's Office's newest powers of deterrence. Also this month, Vietnam and China are identified as the latest source of hackers.

Read the April 2010 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - RSA Conference Update

With Symnatec revealing that 75 per cent of businesses witnessed some form of cybercrime in 2009, internet security was understandably top of the agenda at the world's biggest security conference this week. With a number of high-profile attacks on Google making the headlines in recent months, our feature story looks at the RSA's focus on the new challenges faced online, while in other news Adobe and Intel attempt to prevent further targeted attacks.

Read the March 2010 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - 2010 Online Fraud Report

With online fraud an increasing concern for UK businesses, our feature story looks at the findings of CyberSource's sixth annual Online Fraud Report. Identifying merchants growing fears about payment fraud and the theft of customer data, co-author Dr Akif Khan looks at the threats and preventions for 2010. Also this month, Google's Hot Search helps to identify malicious websites and Chinese officials strengthen their cyber laws, while the Conficker worm causes havoc for Greater Manchester Police.

Read the February 2010 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Facebook is Main Hacker Target

As we enter 2010, the social networking revolution shows no signs of waning. With Facebook reaching the 350 million member mark, our feature story looks at the developing threat that cybercriminals pose in 2010 following the evolution of social-networking. Also this month, Adobe Reader and "new kid on the block" Chrome OS are named as further targets for hackers, while Australia's date bug spreads to Windows mobile phones.

Read the January 2010 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Protecting From Malicious Emails

Ed Gibson, Microsoft's Chief Security Advisor in the UK told UKFast recently that more than 90 per cent of spam does not even make it past the firewalls into the email domain. A staggering statistic when you consider the deluge of unwanted email we all receive.

Read the November 2009 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Social Networking Sites 'Leak' Data

A new report has suggested that most of the major social networking sites are 'leaking' user information to data aggregators. What does this mean for our online security?

Read the October 2009 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Twitter - A Way Of Connecting Malware?

Twitter has been all over the headlines in the past month for all the wrong reasons. The social networking phenomenon has suffered from multiple cybercrime attacks and is reportedly also being used as a handy way for spreading malware.

Could the bad press be the undoing of Twitter?

Read the September 2009 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - The Scammers That Threaten Your Business

It may seem silly for cyber criminals to warn us about themselves but in fact it is their latest clever trick. 'Scareware' as it is known, is designed to scare unsuspecting users into downloading malware disguised as anti-malware software. The cybercriminals may even relish the poetic symmetry that is scareware's potential to get people to expose themselves to danger at the very time they think they are acting to protect themselves.

And scareware is definitely increasing as a threat. As it draws upon users' lack of technical understanding it has a potentially very large susceptible audience of victims.

Read the August 2009 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Vigilance For Web Security

This month as news of the costly effect of the Conficker worm on Manchester council hits home, we throw the security spotlight on vigilance and the need for every online company to implement a good practise policy for their personal security. We also round up the other major online security headlines.

Read the July 2009 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Beating Malicious Email

In June's security bulletin we take a look at the scourge that is malicious emails and what as businesses we need to do to minimise their debilitating effect on our operations.

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UKFast Security Bulletin - Microsoft Talks Protection

Welcome to May's security bulletin where we're highlighting the importance of data encryption as standard practice within a business.

Time and time again, the media reports on sensitive data which has been lost, stolen or even accidentally auctioned on eBay. There have been literally thousands of cases of loss of information on data sticks, disks and laptops over the last year alone.

Read the May 2009 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Guarding Against a DDOS Attack

Welcome to April's security bulletin from UKFast. Each month we inform you of the big issues regarding internet security, throwing light on how they could affect you and how to guard against them. This month we look at the debilitating effects of DDoS attacks.

Read the April 2009 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Email Scams Are On The Up

Welcome to the second of our monthly bulletins on security. This month we're highlighting a couple of email scams that everyone needs to be wary of and featuring Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 and its pioneering security advancements.

Read the March 2009 article here

UKFast Security Bulletin - Security Worries Jeapordise Online Shopping

Welcome to the first of our weekly bulletin alerts. Each week we will take a look at a key subject in the online world, highlight the prevailing issues and predict future developments. This week we cast an inquisitive eye over online security.

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